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Knee Joint

People the world over are struggling with knee problems and are striving hard to find ways and means to battle the issue.

Degenerative Knee Arthritis is very common among the aged and now with the changing lifestyles and sedentary jobs, Knee and Ba More...


In an ever changing world where people are deeply involved for better careers and better life styles, health care takes a back seat, leaving people squirming with severe spinal problems. For these desperate souls Dr. Ahmed's Centre is a welcome relief. Di More...

Neuro - Ortho Advanced Rehabilitation for Stroke & Paralysis Patients

A comprehensive multi disciplinary approach for the treatment of paralytic and stroke patients and neurological diseases.

A combination of treatments for the improvement of the strength of the muscles, improvement of the joint function and strengt More...

Pain Management


This will involve 3 kinds of services:

1. Routine pain consultations - by the Pain physician, Neurosurgeon, Pain Physical therapist etc.


Colon Therapy

Colon or large intestine is a part of the gastrointestinal tract which helps to remove the waste products from the body.

Colon hydrotherapy is the cleansing of the colon with water.

Increases the body's natural healing mechanisms and improve More...

Stem Cells Therapy

Use of bone marrow stem cells in regenerative medicine has shown an excellent success.

The bone marrow contains potent combination of hematopoietic and mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) in large numbers. These are multipotent stem cells that can poten More...

Cosmetic Dermat

Ultra Lipodissolve - Cellulite & Weight loss
Power Shape - Inch Loss
Skin Care - Microdermabrassion, Chemical Skin Peels
Magic Touch - Wart, Moles & Tattoo Removal
Pixel Perfect - Scar, Strech Marks, Tattoo Removal
Laser hair remo More...