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Neuro - Ortho Advanced Rehabilitation for Stroke & Paralysis Patients

A comprehensive multi disciplinary approach for the treatment of paralytic and stroke patients and neurological diseases.

A combination of treatments for the improvement of the strength of the muscles, improvement of the joint function and strength, strengthening of the nerves and improvement of the sensations and motar power, gait training, speech therapy, bowel and bladder training, counselling, diet advise accompanied with exercise programme and natural medications.

Rehabilitation team consists of:
Orthopaedic consultants, Physiotherapists, Occupational therapists, Speech therapists, Dietician, Exercise programme instructor and others.

All the machines used at the center are computerized and FDA approved. The state-of-the-art equipment allows the team to pursue cutting-edge therapies. We offer treatment following international standards and certified by - U.K, USA, Germany and Russia.

The rehabilitation process is different for every patient. Just as no two people are exactly alike, no two brain injuries are exactly alike. Rehabilitation programs are individualized, catering to each person's unique needs.

Stem cells in rehabilitation:
Stem cell therapy is the use of stem cells to treat certain diseases. Stem cells are obtained from the patient's own blood bone marrow, fat or blood. They are progenitor cells that lead to creation of new cells and are thus called as generative cells as well.

Used in :
Spinal cord damage for regeneration, muscular dystrophies, spine fusion, stroke, multiplesclerosis, parkinson's, cerebrovascular accidents and cerebral palsy.

Rehabilitation for Patients with
Post trauma
Neurological cases

Neuro Rehabilitation services - A 'first-of-it's-kind' centre in Bangalore, providing integrated, multidisciplinary neuro rehab services delivered a team of well trained professionals in the fields of PT, OT, ST and Neuropsychology. We follow the same international processes and protocols as done at any standard rehab centre in USA or other countries.

Neurorehab team consists of:

Dr. Sharan Srinivasan - MBBS, DNB (Neurosurgery) MNAMS - Neurosurgeon
Dr. Prathiba Sharan - MBBS, PGDPC (Psychological counselling), Neuropsychology (NIMHANS), FNR (Fellowship in Neuro Rehab - Apollo hospitals)
Mr. Venkatesh - MPT (Neuro) - Neurologic Physical Therapist
Mr. Jinish - MPT (Neuro) Neurologic Physical Therapist
Mr. Phinoj Abraham - MOTh (Neurosciences) - Neurologic Occupational Therapist
Mr. Prasanna Hegde - MSc (Speech Language pathology) Speech & Dysphagia (swallowing) therapist
Mr. Ganesh Nagarajan - biofeedback and neuromodulation consultant

Neuro Rehab services offered:

Coma stimulation, bed mobility, gait & balance evaluation & retraining, motor re-education, ADL & hand function training, vocational evaluation & retraining, driving assessment & certification, wheel chair mobility training, hand splinting, orthotics & enabling devices, speech/language/voice disorders, reading/writing disorders, alternative/augmentative communications, swallowing assessment & therapy, biofeedback & neurofeedback, Brain Function testing, Neuropsychological, cognitive, neurobehavioral & IQ assessments, cognitive retraining, disability assessment, psychological & care giver counseling, cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) etc.

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