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Pain Management

Pain Management


This will involve 3 kinds of services:

1. Routine pain consultations - by the Pain physician, Neurosurgeon, Pain Physical therapist etc.

2. Basic pain procedures done by the Pain Physician - like
--> IMS (Intra muscular stimulation) - for muscular pain --> trigger point injections (under ultrasound guidance) etc

3. By Musculoskeletal PT:

--> Joint mobilisations
--> Myofascial release
--> Trigger point therapy
--> Taping technique
--> Neural mobilisation
--> Muscle energy release etc.


In a hospital set up - this will need the minimum requirement of a OT with image guidance, crash trolley etc.

1. By the Neurosurgeon - all the functional neurosurgeries including MVD, spinal surgeries (including complex fusions), baclofen pumps etc.

2. By Pain Physician:

--> Nerve blocks
--> Adhesiolysis - epidural (cervical, lumbar, caudal)
--> Spinal cord stimulation - post laminectomy pain, ischemic limb pain, unstable angina
--> Radio frequency lesioning - trigeminal neuralgia, facet joint pain
--> Implantable pumps - cancer pain & bone pain
--> Vertebroplasty - spinal pain due to metastasis or instability of spine
--> Ozone therapy for discogenic pain
--> T.E.N.S
--> Epidural steroids

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